[New Release] Intuiface v6.4.5


Intuiface v6.4.5 is OUT

The release adds enhancements to the Text Asset and Intuiface Analytics. Fixes are the cherry on top. Read Everything Below!
(All previous release notes can be found HERE)


  • Added “ Adapt font size ” property to the Text Asset, Text Input Asset, and all button variants. This means if text overflows its container, the associated font will automatically decrease in size until a configurable minimum is reached. Particularly useful if text is dynamically retrieved and thus of an unpredictable volume, making it hard to choose an appropriate container size. Also useful as eye candy because it looks cool and looks are everything. My mom says I’m handsome.

  • Bonus capability for “Adapt font size”: Overflow behavior for the Text Asset. Choose from one of three options if the minimum font size has been reached and the text still cannot be fully displayed (for details, see Geoff’s article):

    • Scrollbars : Displays a scroll bar to indicate there is additional text AND enables scrolling with a swipe gesture. Yes! You can swipe through text in the Text Asset!!!
    • Elipsis : That’s this thing, a bunch of dots → … No scrolling but it does let your users know not everything is currently displayed.
    • Clip : Text that doesn’t fit is simply cut off. There is no visual indication that additional text is currently not displayed. (the Ellipsis and Clip overflow options are also available for all button variants but it’s rarely a good idea to cut off button text)
  • Text Input Asset now works with the Keyboard Triggers. Now that I think about it, it’s an enhancement to our existing Keyboard triggers feature. The Input Text Asset no longer block’s Intuiface’s ability to identify your specified key presses and react to them.

  • Text no longer slightly changes position and size when adding/modifying text while in Composer’s Edit Mode. Nope, not a corrected bug. We’ve just soured on the original idea.

  • Added two very useful filters for chart creation in Intuiface Analytics. Among other things, it’s now much easier to differentiate Players in a chart. For details, see Geoff’s article.


  • Fixed an issue where the Share and Deploy Console indefinitely displayed “Update already in progress” after using the console to remotely update Player for Windows. The ‘already’ made things worse by it’s placing the blame on the user. Not so fast, console!

  • Cleaned up some issues particular to the Text Input Asset:

    • Corrected a bug that wrongfully displayed the cursor if the displayed text was italicized while in Composer’s Edit Mode. I agree, feels pretty random.
    • Fixed a bug occurring when the “Line wrap” property was enabled. The “Enter key is pressed” trigger will no longer place a “line break” character within the input text.
    • Use of the Enter key in combination with a modifier key (like Alt or Shift) will no longer fire the “Enter key is pressed“ trigger. The Enter key was pressed but that’s not what the trigger means. I guess we should update the trigger name to include “…if no modifier key is pressed at the same time”, but brevity is the soul of triggers and actions as well as of with.

I can’t wait to test the adaptive font size and overflow with our data feeds. It’s always a weird discussion with client when some items in a collection are short and some are long. For example, for staff bio’s, we’d always need to use a scroll collection and set that text box to HUGE. It worked ok, but for those with really short bios, there was a ton of extra space.

One small (but important) improvement I may ask for - can an action be created to ‘scroll to top’ for the text? That way when users leave the text at the end, we can set it correctly for the next user. Or we can trigger the action when the item in a collection comes into focus.

This helps especially for really long text, and makes the experience more consistent & intuitive.

Super cool, I already know I’m going to love this.


Woohoo! Adaptive Text!



No longer need to have a font_size Excel column. Great addition fellows!


At last another amazing feature! Keep it up guys!


Great Suggestion @AlexB on the ‘scroll to top’


Really to happy to see the Adaptive Text feature as we’re getting ready to deliver an experience that has variable length text fields for bios. This is great as we now don’t have to worry about having huge scroll boxes to put text in. Thanks for adding this much need feature.

Unfortunately, as @AlexB pointed out, there seems to be no command to scroll to the top. This is a problem for the experience we’re currently building because when a user selects a bio, it’s now scrolled down to wherever the last bio was scrolled to, as opposed to the top of the text like it should. The scroll box had this feature, but Adaptive Text doesn’t. We’re delivering in just about 8 days, any idea how long it will take to get this small addition in a patch? We may need to revert back to the old scroll box until this is added.


Hi @brian1! If it’s really urgent, I suggest you post this in the Help from Community Category or contact our support team directly.

@AlexB and @brian1: Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.
As a workaround for the lack of action to re-init the scroll, you can try the following:

  • Add a hidden text (or a Gloabal variable IA if you want to affect all scrollable Text of your XP at the same time)
  • Set this text with the value : ‘Scrollbars’
  • Bind the Overflow behavior property of your scrollable Text Asset to this value
  • And now when you want to reset the scroll, change the value to ‘Clip’ and change it back to ‘Scrollbars’. It will force a re-initialization of the scrollbars. It’s not smooth (no animation), but it should do the job.

Hope this will help until we add a real action to do that.


Thanks for the work around @jeremie, we’ll give this a try!

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Thanks for the workaround @jeremie, worked like a charm.