[New Release] Intuiface Composer/Player for Windows - v6.3.9


The new version of Intuiface Composer/Player for Windows adds small but useful features to Share via Email Interface Asset.
We also took a close look at the user experience aspect and fixed a formatting issue in the Email interface asset. And since we are at it (we are always at it), we fixed a couple more issues:)


You now have control over more email fields when using the interface asset Share via Email - Hosted:

  • From Name: name that will be displayed in the From field of an email reader
  • Reply-To: one or more email addresses that will be addressed when a person replies to the Intuiface email
  • Reply-To Name : name for each Reply-To email address in the field mentioned above
  • Spam Geoff: toggle whether or not to send a copy of every email to Intuiface’s Geoff Bessin <that last one isn’t true - yet>


“John Doe” <JohnDoe@mail.com>, “John Doe” <JohnDoe@mail.com>;JohnDoe@mail.com

  • Users publishing to the Intuiface Cloud via Shared-as-Write will no longer see the inaccurate “congrats, it’s your first time publishing!” notification.
  • Low level stuff that will help you in ways we can’t tell you or we’d have to kill you.