[New Release] Intuiface Composer/Player for Windows - v6.3.9


The new version of Intuiface Composer/Player for Windows adds small but useful features to Share via Email Interface Asset.
We also took a close look at the user experience aspect and fixed a formatting issue in the Email interface asset. And since we are at it (we are always at it), we fixed a couple more issues:)


You now have control over more email fields when using the interface asset Share via Email - Hosted:

  • From Name: name that will be displayed in the From field of an email reader
  • Reply-To: one or more email addresses that will be addressed when a person replies to the Intuiface email
  • Reply-To Name : name for each Reply-To email address in the field mentioned above
  • Spam Geoff: toggle whether or not to send a copy of every email to Intuiface’s Geoff Bessin <that last one isn’t true - yet>


“John Doe” <JohnDoe@mail.com>, “John Doe” <JohnDoe@mail.com>;JohnDoe@mail.com

  • Users publishing to the Intuiface Cloud via Shared-as-Write will no longer see the inaccurate “congrats, it’s your first time publishing!” notification.
  • Low level stuff that will help you in ways we can’t tell you or we’d have to kill you.


Hi @bomee.lafitte! Is there any info online about how to actually change the Reply-To email address and name? I’ve searched both here and on the Help Centre pages, but no luck. Thanks!



The properties are available on the Action targeting the Share Via E-mail Interface asset. For more details please see the image below:



Thanks @Mihai! That’s where I was looking, but it didn’t show me all of those options – only the To, Subject, & Body fields. If I started working on an experience before my Composer was updated to 6.3.9, is it possible that the IA wouldn’t update properly?


Hi @amie,

When in you are in Composer on this trigger / action, just select another action and come back to the “Send” action. You should see the news fields.

Let us know!



Thanks @Seb!

To be sure it wasn’t an issue with my Composer, I tried using the Share Via E-mail - Hosted IA in a completely new experience and I saw the added fields. (yeah! :grinning:)

However, when working in my (older) existing experience, I tried a few different things and no luck. I tried selecting another action & coming back to the “Send” action, and also tried adding a new, additional “Send” action. I even tried adding an entirely new, additional Share Via E-mail Hosted in the Share Assets of the Interface Assets window – but it still only shows me the 3 old fields. Thankfully our experience works well as is right now, so it’s not something that I really need to fix, just thought it might be nice to be able to customize those newer fields too.

Thanks again to all of you on the Intuiface Team for your help. :raised_hands:


Thanks for your feedback @amie.

This behavior in your existing experience is not normal. Could you please contact our support team and tell them about this matter?




Will do. Thanks @Seb