[New Release] Composer & Player for Windows -V.6.5.1

Please find all release notes here.


  • Nexmosphere sensors and actuators can now be used with Intuiface on Android as well as on Windows. Oh, and bringing support to a third platform is in the works. Want a hint? Nope, because we don’t want you getting all excited and making plans. Stop pressuring us!

  • Nexmosphere Bonus: The interface asset for Nexmosphere use on both Windows and Android are now shipped with Composer. It’s built-in for your comfort. Like all interface assets, you’ll find it listed in the Interface Assets panel.

  • New factory service enabling the use of a COM/serial port over USB with JavaScript-based interface assets. This service was originally bundled with the Nexmosphere Interface Asset but now you can use it with any external device requiring that kind of connection. Don’t know what this means? That’s ok. The folks who need it, know it.


  • Corrected an issue that could prevent Player from responding to Scheduling commands. The correction centers around use of a very loud air horn.

  • Eliminated some deployment scheduling bugs you never ran into if you weren’t using remote deployment with all of your Players. What are you waiting for? You must have a lot of time on your hands….