New Reference Design: Mobile-Driven Data Entry

We are releasing a new Reference Design: Mobile-Driven Data Entry!

The Mobile-Driven Data Entry reference design embodies the three following scenarios showing how an in-person or (of course!) virtual audience can use personal mobile devices to submit data to a running Intuiface experience:

  • Multiple Choice Poll
    Example: Collecting answers for multiple-choice questions then displaying vote counts
  • Free Form Text Entry
    Example: Collecting and displaying questions submitted by an audience
  • Multiple Field Form
    Gathering task information into an interactive card that can be moved around the screen.

More information for this reference design is available from here.

Think of reference designs as fully documented, ready-to-use experiences targeting a particular need, engineered to be customized and personalized by our users. They’re starting points that show you the way to making them yours. Each reference design is comprised of a fully operational project sample, process workflow, detailed guidance, supporting video, and access to Intuiface support. Mobile-Driven Data Entry is the 4th Reference Design we are offering to our community.

To help you get up to speed with “Mobile-Driven Data Entry”, we hosted a “How to built it” webinar on January 19th. Missed it? Not to worry! You can watch the webinar recording(and over and over again) HERE We hope you enjoy it.