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Does anybody know if the iPad player is still sold as bundles of ten, or has the price for iPad players just rocketed to 10x the price?

Hi I am also looking for this answer

You read right, Grant. We now sell a single Player license, good on all platforms, with a single price point. That bundle of 10 option for iPad is no longer. (As noted in our announcement, legacy Player licenses will be honored in perpetuity as long as they’re renewed.)

The reality is that for the majority of our iPad customers

  • Far fewer than 10 licenses are used
  • There is total feature parity between what they’re doing on the iPad and what can be done on Windows PCs
  • More than one platform is targeted in the same deployment

There is just no reason to force the purchase of non-transferrable, platform-restricted licenses with variable price points. Not to mention that licensing platforms differently is an old-fashioned approach to licensing that you just don’t see in the signage or presentation market anymore.

But even in light of the above - and I could go further, rehashing all the good reasons we have for this change whether or not one targets the iPad - if you’re just looking at price point for new licenses targeting the iPad then it’s true, the price has gone up.

A change that makes sense for the majority will, unfortunately, be jarring for a minority. We’re sorry for that. But again, we’ll honor your legacy Player licenses as long as you renew them.

Hi Geoff,

I can’t help but feel this is not quite correct. Or are you saying that all of the features that were not available on tablets are now working?

If so then there is ‘total feature parity’… without then there is not.

Although the majority of your iPad customers will not use all of the 10 available even if they used 6, this is a considerable price hike.

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Nope, I said there is total feature parity between what users were doing on the iPad and what can be done on Windows PCs - meaning it’s quite rare that we’re being asked for the gap filling features. Of course, chicken and egg, maybe they’re not bothering to ask. :slight_smile:

But don’t get hung up on feature parity. The closing feature gap is only one of many reasons for the consolidation and, frankly, we’ve been receiving more positive feedback than negative. Further, visitors new to Intuiface won’t bat an eye when they see the consolidated Player with a single price point, even without total feature parity. You’ve had the good cost fortune to have lived with the old model.

Definitely, if only thinking about the iPad - instead of the ability to share licenses across multiple platforms - it’s a price hike. From our perspective, however, it’s not a hike, it’s a correction. What we were charging was too low.

I have a feeling I won’t be able to convince you of things :slight_smile: so I’m just explaining our reasoning. Also, keep in mind that we’re still heavily investing in all platforms so you’re not just investing in today, you’re investing in our roadmap as well.

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@geoff but If I buy 1 Player License, how many IPADs I will be able to use it?Unlimited?

One Player license means one device - could be one Windows PC or one iPad or one Android tablet, etc. The license doesn’t care which platform, it just cares that it’s only on one device at a time. So I could move it from one iPad to another as often as I wish -> but only one iPad at a time.

This is no different from how it was in the expired model, by the way.

Je pense que cette nouvelle politique fera réagir beaucoup de monde… Même si je trouve beaucoup de point positif à Intuiface pour moi les deux points faibles restent le prix surtout due à cette obligation de Player pour jouer les présentations et enfin la performance. Je trouve malheureusement que le travail sur l’application devient du plus en plus lent à mesure que l’expérience grandit mais également que bien souvent l’affichage des scènes n’est pas suffisamment réactif surtout si l’on travaille avec des fichiers Excel un peu important. Si je peux comprendre une évolution commerciale sur le tarif je pense qu’on devrait sentir en retour une réelle évolution de l’application dans le cas contraire les clients seront doublement perdant d’où mon questionnement sur ce changement stratégique du prix des Player. Avançons-nous dans le bon sens ?