New Laptop Recommendations

Hi Ya’ll,

I’m looking to pick up a new laptop that has a primary purpose of building large and complicated experiences in Composer. My current laptop has become very sluggish taking sometimes up to 4 seconds just clicking to add a trigger action.

Any suggestions?


Hi Chuck!

I actually just replaced my laptop with the Dell new XPS Plus 13 with an i7-1360P
Below are the CPU marks of my former laptop on the left, my desktop NUC in the center, and the new Dell on the right.

I do not have a dedicated GPU (Intel Iris Xe only) on purpose, to be “on par” with the vast majority of what our users are using, either as a Composer or a Player machine.
I also went with the 13’’ because of my lifestyle / mobility needs, but I use it with a dock station and 2x24’’ external monitors (1x24’’ is touch, the laptop is touch too) most of the time.

So far, I’m happy with my choice, even though it’s not the “best of the best”.

Some of my colleagues got the 15’’ with NVidia RTX 30xx or 40xx.

Regarding the trigger & action panel, feel free to share your XP with me so I can give it a try on my laptop and see how it behaves.
A newer / higher end CPU will help with this, while a higher GPU card probably won’t change anything.
The best thing to do to avoid latency in this T&A panel is to have a clean, well-organized and optimized XP. Again, feel free to share it with me so I can take a look (probably after InfoComm though).



Thanks Seb! I’ll take a look at the various options. I’ll also share the experience with you tomorrow.

Okay, I shared the experience with Thanks again for your help.

Hey Chuck, if you’re looking for a beast, a few years ago I bought an MSI GT76 Titan. I love it.

The thing with these laptops is they have a FULL desktop CPU/GPU…not laptop models. My laptop has a i9-9900k and RTX 2070, 32GB ram. It has two full power bricks, so it’s not a light thing to carry around, but I got a big backpack and I carry it everywhere. You get used to the exercise lol.

I design mostly in a single scene for snappy and fluid movements in my xp’s. Composer will still slow down the PC when the XP starts getting big. But it’s lots faster than my last laptop. Go for a a good GPU, that’s my recommendation. I’m still not sure whether retail or commercial gpu’s are better for composer, verdict is still out on that one. Good luck!


Ooo, nice!

Hey, that’s how I like to build my projects! It creates more of a seamless flow when navigating through the experience.

I just ordered a Dell, should be in by early next month. Here are the stats…Really looking forward to not waiting on my current laptop to catch up while developing.

It’s a Dell XPS

RTX 4060 with 8GB
32 GB ram
15.6" OLED 3.5K (3456x2160) Touch Display


Ooh, very nice! That should do some work. Take care.