New Initiative: Intuiface Reference Designs

Intuiface users have an inherent DIY mindset: give me the tools, I’ll supply the ideas. So our focus has been on creating the best set of tools as possible. However, we’ve frequently thought to ourselves, you know, we keep getting asked about particular scenarios. Yes, we have Marketplace samples, but is there anything else we can do?

Then the pandemic hit and two scenarios recurred again and again. We realized, it was time to put our thoughts into action.

This week we’ve launched the first in a series of “reference designs”. Think of reference designs as fully documented, ready-to-use experiences targeting a particular need, engineered to be customized and personalized by our users. They’re starting points that show you the way to making them yours. Here are our first two:

  • Multi-Mode Interaction: An illustration of how both touch and touch-alternatives can be combined in the same experience, each approach enabling users to fulfill the same goal. Inspired by the touch sensitivity some may display in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  • Entrance Flow Management: An illustration of how to manage the flow of visitors into a physical location based on the comparison of current visitor count vs. capacity, with counts managed by either a human or automated counter. You know what this is inspired by!
    NOTE: We’re running a live webinar next week in which Seb Meunier will walk through the Entrance Flow Management reference design. Join us for either of the two sessions. Click here for dates, times, and registration.

Come visit our dedicated Reference Design page for all the details. And more reference designs are to come! Let us know what you think of the initiative and which reference designs you’d love to see next.