New Case Interactive Gift Wall

This is one of my favorite project.

This project is a mixture of some technologies: Mapping Projection, Capacitive Sensors, Touch Screen and Vending Machine.

We had a 4x3m wall with a cutout Adesive representing the products of our client (Dow Agriscience) for plantation. When the user touch on the adesive a a mapping projection is displayed . After the projection a monitor embedded int he wall is turned on and a Quiz is shown. After the quiz according with the answer the user get a gift delivered by a vending machine

This project we user local Network trigger to connect each step of the project


Impressive integration work @marcelo!
I love it!!

May I ask about the kind of capacitive sensors you used to handle the touch on the adhesive?

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Ditto to that and also one of the most unique Intuiface projects I’ve seen!

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AMAZING!! :open_mouth:

Hi @Seb

We engineered the sensor here. We connect it to a controller that send the signal via USB to computer.


Amazing expression of creativity and technology. Well done @marcelo! You are setting the bar higher for Intuiface mash-ups.

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@marcelo Very cool! What an awesome experience. Nice job!

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Thanks Guys!!

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