Need help with Phidget RFID

Hi all,
I’m exploring the intuiface lift and learn scenario with Phidget and trying to build it from scratch.

For some reason i am unable to write to the excel file, i am pretty sure i followed the lift/learn configuration correctly.

Can someone help or willing to take a look at my experience file? i’m sure it is just a simple mistake .

Hi, it seems i didnt explain my problem properly

So i want to test Phidget RFID and got 3 RFID readers connected

I followed the settings from the lift and learn scenario (

and checked that my setting for the write button (triggers & action is exactly the same, for example:

I am also sure that the binding is configured correctly.

But as you can see it write the same value to the excel file…

Hi @faisal1 and welcome to the Intuiface community!

For such a question, I’d recommend you to contact our support team and share your XP with them.
They’ll have the phidgets readers to test it properly.

Hi Zeb,
i figured it out, just needed a coffee break to clear my mind :grinning: