Need Freelancer Urgent Finishing Touches on Experience


Looking for a freelancer that can make some finishing touches on my current experience

  • Touch Gestures for all pages
  • Replacing PDF’s with final versions
  • Setting up email’s on some of the elements
  • Just fine tuning anything off

Hi @Malcom,
I’m happy to take a look and see if I can help. If you could either share the XP with, or shoot me an email with some details and screenshots, that would help. I can get back to you with a plan on how to get it done. If I’m not able to get it done, there’s a lot of other great designers here that I’m sure will chime in soon.

Hi @Malcolm,

I can help you out, I just did something similar for a project developed by one of the developers here. Have optimzed to run better and faster even on a tablet.

Hope to hear from you

Hi Melvyn,

Any help would be amazing. Should I share the experience with you so you
can quote?

Warm Regards
Kelly Fraser (on behalf of Malcolm)

Hi Kelly/ Malcolm,

Yes, please share the experience with me on . I will take a look at it and let you know the best approach we can take to get this done.



Hi @Malcolm, waiting to hear from you

Hi happy to help, take a look at some of my work here: Intuiface Creative Experts

I can price out your project if you would like to share some details.