Need Assistance with Filtering Mechanism in HCMS

I have an HCMS with a list of items. I want 2 asset grids for the same list one grid displaying items less than or equal to half the total number of items and another grid showing items that exceed this halfway mark. I have a reference ID in my HCMS with text data type. The problem is that filter is not working like the way I want.
The thing I am doing in my exp is that I am using 2 instances of HCMS for 2 asset grids and then I use add filter and get the reference ID as property and use less than or equal to then I basically bind the value with total number of items field given by HCMS and use converter to divide it by 2 and do the same thing for the my 2nd grid but just use greater than.
I hope someone can guide me on this.
Thank you!

Hello @syed,

If you are using the Item ID, this is a String property, it does not treat the values as numbers.

To do what you want, I would suggest adding a Number property to your HCMS collection, and number the items. Doing this will have the less/greater than filters work as you want them to.


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