Need a digital experience built for our company


Looking for someone to build our digital experience. See the vision below and if interested email me.

Purpose of the meeting was to talk about the physical layout of the displays as well as brainstorm the content that would be designed and deployed in this experience.

• Talk about layout of displays – Direct Lit LED came above what we had budgeted, and I moved the spec to a 2 x 2 grid of 75” displays.
o It was later determent that we should do 3x 75” displays hung in portrait mode so that we did not have a grid of bezels interrupting the content as the center of the content would need to be as clear as possible.
 I have relayed this change to the AV vendor and have asked them to alter the plan and pricing accordingly.
• Brainstorming content ideas -
o Ironman / JARVIS theme.
 Jay uses an illustration that blank is Ironman Suit and GCC is the savvy entrepreneur inside, able to explore / create / and with the power of the suit destroy the competition.
The goal of the experience is to put the viewer into the suit and take them up and down a timeline
• Past – just a few key highlights (not to out shine the Past / Present area across the hall)
o Showing the past of blank and mix in a few GCC items to show what GCC was doing at that time
• Present – just a few key items
• Future – This the bulk of this experience
o Will need to really figure out how many and what needs to be here.
• This Experience is to be more Motivational rather than just historical or Data Driven.
• It MUST be clear that bkank is the Iron Man Suit!

Grand Ideas that came out of the brainstorming (may not be capable in the MVP of this project)
• Interaction with experience –
o Have an area across the hall from the video wall – where there is a kiosk (iPad) that had an interface that recorded interaction)
 One idea was to make it feel like you were standing in the suit or have a facade that wrapped around you partially
 Photo booth like experience that placed the person in a photo frame and gave them an image they could share on SM.
• What you see on the screens are the AR view – that is framed with FUI elements (not tied to read data and not a key part of the experience – just to make it look cool and frame.
o Items could be rather static and just tell a part of the 2020 Vision (using minor movements to make the viewer aware that it is working).
 MVP version could be mostly static – with minor animation

It was said that the content and interaction work of this need to be in 2016 or 2nd floor budget.
With AV budgets needing to be cut already – we need to explore how this will come about and I know that Katie has a concern as to where the time will come from on how to execute this plan.


Hi, we’d be interested in knowing more about this.


HI Shannon, I just sent you a private message via this forum. Please let me know if you would like to connect to discuss.

Thank you,


HI, did you get this software made, sounds interesting. Thanks, Richard