My Wish List


your software rocks but needs some improvements.

Being Intuiface a program that creates interactions between the various elements I need an overview map of bindings and triggers.
Thats why many other authoring software use the visual scripting approach.
Not only the multimedia authoring software use nodes but many 3d-2d compositing applications:
Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, Fusion, Da Vinci Resolve, Flame, Speed Tree, and many others.
The node approach is the best you can get to have a global interactions visualization.

Also the 2d tools need improvements:
I need to create vectorial shapes, import illustrator files, create soft shadows for each object, paint lines with variable stroke, stars, parametric arrows. Imagine to have the power of Illustrator inside Intuiface Composer.
Flash Pro CC has many of the things I request.

Enabled Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro.

Free programming or scripting for Intuiface Pro version. I don’t need to link to dlls.

Better timeline with visible curves. I want to draw my curve and adjust the handles on keyframes.
I need to see the timeline while I’m dragging the objects on the canvas, set the keyframes and visualize all this stuff in realtime.

Separate timeline to have an overview of all animated objects to perform a realtime non linear editing.

Enable shift keyboard button to constrain horizontally or vertically.

Full control over 3d imported objects: materials, animations, 3d mesh deformations.
Bidirectional interaction between 3d animation with animated objects.
If the animated object reaches frame 120 then the slide andvace to the next slide.

3D positional audio. I can link the pan volume while the object is moving.

3D fake perspective. I can add a 3d fake perspective to the 2d animated objects.

Object pivot. I want to move it

My wish list will be updated.