Muting Volume in Web Browser Asset



I am trying to add a flash game into my experience, but I cannot figure out a way to get the volume of the web asset to mute when it is not visible (web browser will be accessed by pressing an onscreen button). I have tried using stop loading/reloading web browser triggers based on visibility, but that did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this could be fixed?


Hi @dana.russell, I know it’s been a little while since your post - but my recommendation would be to switch to a different URL when it’s hidden. It could be a different URL within the game, or simply Then switch back when the game is shown. I’m not sure what else can be done at this time.

One other alternative work around that I recently suggested to the developers…to trigger a “tap” at an exact location on the screen. So when the web page is hidden…you could trigger a tap directly on the part of the webpage where the mute button is for the game. But this isn’t created yet - here’s a discussion post I created if you want to follow: Tap at Location Action