Multiple Templates for One Excel Sheet

Hi there,

Say I have a Excel spreadsheet with the following data:

[text | image_file | overlay_name]
hi there | hello.jpg | hello_overlay
bye there | goodbye.jpg | goodbye_overlay

I load this into A SINGLE collection set and now when I tap hello.jpg, I would like the hello_overlay overlay to reveal with the text “hello there” under the image. When I tap goodbye.jpg I would like the goodbye_overlay to reveal with the text “bye there” above the image. The two overlays look completely different.

Is this possible?

Hi @goran.spuzic What type of data is your overlay? Text/Image/File?

Offhand, I think you just need to create your data template to do what you describe. One or two groups will be nested inside of a single group. The first nested group is your Hello jpeg and text, along with a transparent button that shows the second nested group of your overlay. When this whole template is added into your collection, the show/hide is replicated across all of them, and only the data changes.

Let me know if that helps, or feel free to clarify further if I’m missing what your’e trying to do.

Thanks Alex, but I think I need to describe it a little clearer. There are two types of overlays. One is called hello_overlay (it’s just a group with a rectangle behind and image and some text) and the other is the goodbye_overlay. When I click on a image in a collection, depending on the column in the Excel sheet (overlay_name) I would like to reveal either the hello or goodbye overlay.

We have a use case where we have lots of buttons in our scene and tapping each button will load one of five different types of overlays, depending on the type of button. We don’t want to manually set actions on each button (there will be hundreds) so we’re trying to setup a spreadsheet instead.

Hmmm. Based on what you’re saying, I would probably need to see an example of what you’re trying to accomplish. But I’m pretty confident that it can be done. The idea of using excel templates is to ‘not’ duplicate actions for each button. I’m happy to take a look if you want to create a video/screenshots, or share the XP with me

Ok let me re-phrase the question. Is it possible to control an asset via a button, based on the button text? I will have two buttons in a collection, one will have ‘hello’ as text one will be have ‘goodbye’. When I tap on hello, it will set the visibility of the the asset named ‘hello’ to true.

Again, it’s hard to provide a direct answer because I don’t fully understand the context of your project. For example, I’m still unsure how you are using your excel file in all of this, and the example you provided doesn’t seem related to the text of the button. My initial feeling is that there could be a different way to accomplish your end result.

But nonetheless, there are ways to have the button text determine an action of some sort. You would use bindings and converters or the IF statements available in the triggers menu. For example, you could have some buttons show/hide automatically, or certain actions of the button only happen if certain conditions are met. I’m happy to help any way I can, I’d just need more information to go any further…keep in mind that I’m not even sure what your XP is supposed to do :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, I’ll share my experience with you once I have it built out a little more. There doesn’t appear to be any way to do what I want, trigger a different overlay to appear based on the “type” of button that is tapped in a collection i.e. if a blue button is tapped, open overlay B, if a red button is tapped open overlay R e.t.c.

Ok, sounds good. Happy to take a look and provide a second opinion whenever you’re ready.