Multiple scene triggers

Hi everyone,

I have been using Composer now for a couple of weeks, and it is a great piece of software and I have created some nice work for an upcoming exhibition. But I have a couple of issues which would be excellent to rectify and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly… Scene Triggers.

My project comprises of various scenes which are navigated via NFC tags, which is working really nicely.
I scan my tag, which calls a scene, great.

My problem is that I have many scenes and many tags, so I am looking for a way to globally set the tags to the scenes rather than copying each individual ‘detect tag trigger’ across all scenes, which is risky as I may miss a tag and is laborious. I have looked at binding all NFC triggers to an object and then placing that across scenes, but that does not seem possible.

Secondly… soft images

I have been importing images into my scenes and have noticed that they are not pixel perfect sharp and look a little soft. If I set an image to be a background, then it is crisp and fine, if i place the same image in the scene, then the rendering is soft. Likewise when i create an image button the then the text looks soft.

I use PNGs as standard, as often I want to utilise the alpha channel, but have tried JPGs to test; and both are soft.

I have noticed that the ‘images’ in the content library when hovered over give me an incorrect width and height and am unsure if composer is reading these correctly, but I know that the images are the correct size.

All images have been exported from Photoshop, and I can confirm that they are the correct on export.

Again any help on these two issues, will be very much appreciated.



Hi Grant,

It seems you have taken this discussion to the support website so I will close this thread.