Multiple Composers for one Experience

Hi, I have been the sole designer of our Museums’ experiences, but am wondering if two people can work on one experience simultaneously from different composers (all on the same account of course). Thanks for any feedback!

Yes, you can work on the same exprience, but the problem comes when you publish, as the last publish will overwrite anything prior to that.

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Hi Cori @koochmuseums,

Yes, you can have multiple people working on the same experience in difference Composers.
If you have a single Composer license, you can only use 1 Composer at a time though, so when you have finished editing your XP, publish it and close your Composer. This will release your license (default behavior), and your colleague will be able to login in his.her Composer and download your latest XP version.

Let me know if you have any other questions on that topic.

@touchscreenprojects this is only true if you work in an unorganized way. As soon as one publishes his work before letting a colleague open an XP, you will not have such issue.
If you work with multiple accounts and use the share as write, one can’t open an experience in edit mode unless the current editor has closed (and decided to publish or not) his modifications first.


@Seb, thank you for the detail, my comments in the first post was based entirely off what Cori had described, so I was trying to explain the scenario to her what happens if two people were simultaneously working on the same experience using the same account