Multiple and variable number of images - Join sheet fields

Hi all,

Using this example

Is it possible to create an asset grid where the template is composed by artist name and his related images?

I am not able to get the right result, because if I add a filter to images that will be applied to all template instances, showing all the same artist images.

Is it possible? Is it a excel IA limitation? Any tip?


Hi Marcio @mdias,

I’m not sure if it’s a limitation of Excel IA or of principle of data feeds for collections, but it is indeed not possible today, using an Excel file as a data source.

Let’s say you have 1 collection with 5 artists. Each artist would have its own set of pictures, meaning 5 different collections, each requiring its own data source.
When you use a data source (Excel sheet, web service, custom Interface Asset), you get only 1 data source. If you apply a filter on it, it’s still 1 single data source. That’s because the filter is applied on the data itself, at its source, and not on the collection or at the view level.

This is something that might evolve on the long term, but today, this is how collections & data feeds work.

Today, If you want to display at the same time 5 different lists of photos, 1 per artist, you do need 5 different data feeds.
The alternative is to display only 1 of these lists at the same time, then the current filtering mechanism works.



@Seb thank you very much for your answer. It will be great if it was possible but ok. Now it is more clear how Intuiface works and how is it’s philosophy in these cases.

Thanks again

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