Multilanguage in one experience with differnt scenes

Hi all
I have start to create a multilanquage experience , the base is already working to change the lanquage on the second scene over the filter and the exel sheet .

The base lanquage is french and the second english
now when i will go to the third scene or fourth scene , fifth scene and so one
how to when the second scene is in english and to continue to the ohter scence in the same language .
I have a probleme it has to be working for this evening , leaving to a fair
Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Patrick,

I recommend you to open a ticket on Support, especially if you have a deadline for this evening, Community may not be the fastest way to solve your issue :confused:

You can also check this dedicated article explaining how to build a multi-lingual experience.



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Hi Patrick, the easiest approach would be to build the entire experience (all scenes) from the excel sheet. The excel sheet would have everything for both languages, then you just use binding and filters.

I can help if you want to share your experience