Multi User Menù

we are working on a multiuser experience, we have a videowall with 4 screens in portait (1x4).
4 people can interact at the same time (1 for each screen), we create a group with all the button necessary to select the other scene experience, since we have 4 possible users we have duplicated 4 time the menù group.
Is there a way to use just one Menù called/opened by the same users?

As far as I am away it’s not possible for many users can not share the same menu at the same time, but you can have the menu change position by using the Show at location trigger then the user can share the same menu just not at the same time.

But the alternative to this is to create four menus like you have and then assign them to diffent toggle/button groups.

I hope this helps

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Thanks Louis, this is exactly what we have done, 4 pop-up menu and we use the show at location trigger.
Since this 4 menu can be used in all the 5 Scene we have we added them to an experience layer.
The problem we have is the loading time of each scene is to long and we are trying to find a way to reduce it

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Hi @supplier.orders,

Having the menus in an experience layer is a good thing, so it takes time to load the initial scene, but won’t affect loading the next scene transitions.

To have 4 people interact with 4 menus, you do need to have 4 menus. There’s no possible shortcut here.

Now for each of your menus, you might have to simplify their structure, to lighten the global experience.


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