Multi Touch for Multiple Users

I’m planning to create an experience designed to be used by multiple users at once. The plan is to use an Ideum large format, turnkey touch table. We are hoping to have at minimum 2 active users and possibly up to 4 (one per side of the table). I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience making XP’s for multiple users on a single screen, and, if so, might be willing to share any advice, pitfalls, best practices or the like.

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Brad Purkey

I was worried about the same thing on a current project. So far, I’ve tested having 2 web browsers up and the qwerty keyboards are automatically “wired” into their own browser asset- so there’s no crosstalk and 2 or more people can type on their respective screens at the same time. I’m guessing as long as you’re in your own asset there’s no problem with multitouch but am also curious as to what others are experiencing. Like how is something like pinching to zoom handled?

Pinching and zooming won’t be in an issue if a user doesn’t fight with his / her neighbor :slight_smile:

For an asset, 2 fingers from the same hand or from 2 hands are the same.

The only limitation is related to the Text Input asset that uses a virtual keyboard. At the moment, except for keyboard embedded in a web browser, you can use only 1 virtual keyboard per scene.
If you have a specific need for multiple keyboards in a scene, contact us, we have some solutions in house.


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Hi Seb,

Can you give me more details about your 2 keyboard solutions for the Text Input asset? I’m currently using a configuration where I’d like 2 users to be able to pull up their own keyboards.


The solution Seb was mentioning consists in a custom Design Accelerator created by the IntuiFace team. I am unable to post it here as it is not an official feature. Please open a private thread on

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The custom multi keyboard Design Accelerator is available for download on this Knowledge Base page.