Multi Screen GPU Opinions

We’re building a PC for a multi screen experience with a PQLabs overlay. We’d be using NVidia Mosaic. Anyone had any experience between the NVS810 vs P4000?


How many screens have you got?

Sorry for the delay. Thought I’d successfully replied via email.

We’ll have 9 screens. Portrait orientation.

Ill assume they are all 1080p?

We have used x2 E5 2699V2
X4 Quadro P4000 with a sync card.
1200w PSU

But we had issues creating an experience at full resolution but it really depends on the complexity of the experience, we built an experience with over 500 documents with videos.

Saying that i wouldn’t mind having a stab at the new quardo cards we have another video wall installation soon and i can let you know what we choose for the specifications.

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Thanks Louie.

Did you ever consider NVS810?

No because it does not support H264 OR HEVC. Plus you will have issues with the 9th monitor because they only have 8 ports, it doesn’t support the GPU sync card so i am not sure you could put two in a system and they will work. Also another point would be the video memory with a resolution such as 1080p per screen you may encounter issues in performance

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