Multi-Factor Authentication & Sub-account controls

Clients with higher security concerns are asking for options for forced MFA for sub-accounts, and also whether sub-accounts can control access of other users in their organizations.

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your feedback.

For our customers with higher security needs, Intuiface offers the possibility to use SSO (

So an given organization can enlist its own Identity Provider (IdP) to manage Intuiface user authentication and restrict who can create and use an Intuiface account.

Does this meet your need?



Hi Alban -

As this client is a secondary account on our Enterprise account, my understanding is that wouldn’t be an option for them, only for us and our domain? Within their secondary account, they’d like us to be able to force MFA for their users, as well as manage their own users (without having a separate Enterprise account from ours), so essentially tertiary accounts of secondary accounts.


Hi Heather,

thanks for the details, you are right, in such a case SSO feature will work for your domain not your client’s one.

I have pushed your scenario into our roadmap, thank you for enlightening us about this requirement.