Multi-display experience using multiple players

Hi all,

congrats for the community.
I need your help …I would like to create a new experience on multi display wall.
The wall is composed by 9 vertical 55" display.
I’ve already seen the guide “how-to” using 1 pc-multiple video out, but I’d like to know how implement it using 9 pc/player.
My experience will have one video background layer over all the 9 displays and 2/3 interactive scenes in 3 displays.
Is it possible ?
thank you
Pierluigi Fontanesi
Studio Base2

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The problem occurs if you want to run each screen at full resolution, What are your PC Specifications.

What do you want to show on the 9 screens?

1x9 Videowall

Please look at the 1x9 that was created using Intuiface. There where issues, i can explain more if you give me more detail on what you are trying to do.

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Thank u Louie,

I’ve seen your 1x9 videowall. We must implement a similar video wall.
one animated/video background, and some interactive points.
the question is if it’s possible to implement it using 9 players, each on one pc that interact via lan …
9 fullhd displays …In the composer I can implement a scenario and then this one can be splitted over the 9 players?
If not possible … in your configuration You have 3 pc with 3 video out on every pc. But the 3 players can comunicate each other? The background is only one or are 3 different backgrounds that make the entire one? I’d like to have a video background with animations that move from a display to another …
Sorry for my poor english …
Thank u

I’ve been thinking about this as well, Pierluigi. I am looking to create a video “wall” across players when users are not interacting with them that is at a consistent frame. I will be working on this idea over the next week or two and will share my results here.

We have a similar objective - I was going to attempt an exploration using a master video controller that additional players synch with. An unburdened controller could help ensure that the “source” frame rate does not slow down.

I’d like to see how much frame “drift” occurs across players, and then consider using binding ( via frame rate or similar synchronization mechanisms to ensure that all players are sharing the same video position.

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Generally speaking, from the Intuiface point of view

  • N screens, 1 video background => 1 player with N Video output
    • or 1 player with P video output, P < N, then a hardware video splitter / upscaler / A.V system to distribute the video properly
  • N screens, 1 image background or N video backgrounds => you can go with N players with 1 video output per player.

In the 1st case, you need 1 big PC (for ex: Intel Xeon, NVidia P4000 or better, etc…). In the second, you need N smaller PCs, so it’s a compute to do in terms of costs.

When it comes to hardware, guys like @Louie_Smith know more than us :wink:

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