Monday Updates - August 13

Hi Community. It’s a new Monday!
Let’s reflect on some highlights and achievements from the last week, and reset for the new week. Shall we?

  1. Navigation menus generated from Excel
    Las week we share a couple new tricks and one of them was about how to generate navigation menus from Excel. How would you like to control your menu bar looking like this
    from directly linked Excel file?! click on this Link and learn more about it.

  2. Talking about Excel, modify your Excel file directly in Dropbox!
    Here’s another tip about Excel we shared last week. You can modify your Excel file on Dropbox too! This means that anyone that has access to Dropbox Excel file can make modifications that immediately shows on your Intuiface experience. You can even add/remove media files from sub-folders and after restarting your player, everything will be taken into account in your Experience. :+1:
    You can find here the step-by-step guide.

  3. A story about self-learning Intuiface
    About two weeks ago, we found a diary of a student at University of Leicester about his discovery of Intuiface and the learning process. Last week he shared another blog article about his impressive progress and how he finally tested his Intuiface experiences on an interactive as well as on an Interactive table. All this in a bout a couple weeks! Curious to know more? here is the story.

Thank you all very much for your active participation and contributions.
Let’s create something amazing this week!