Mobile Tour Guide Prototype: Utilizing RFID, Intuiface Player Next Gen, and HCMS


This post introduces a prototype developed using Intuiface Player Next Gen and its Headless CMS (HCMS) to create a mobile tour guide solution for museum visitors. The prototype aims to offer several functionalities, including:

  • Providing access to multimedia content related to museum exhibits
  • Enabling language selection (English and Spanish) for multilingual support
  • Integrating with an online database using HCMS
  • Allowing artifact lookup by number for easy navigation
  • Supporting QR codes and RFID tags for exhibit information access
  • Operating on mobile browsers without the need for additional app downloads

How It Works

The prototype uses content from the Museum of Flight in Seattle, USA, and features a minimalist wireframe user interface (UI) to highlight the essential functionalities.

Visitors can use their smartphones to access information about specific aircraft or artifacts in the museum. This is accomplished by tapping an RFID tag or scanning a QR code placed near the exhibit. In either case, a URL is transferred to the phone and opened in the default mobile browser. An example URL is as follows:

This URL points to the project hosted online via the Intuiface Player Next Gen. The parameter at the end of the URL corresponds to the specific item ID stored in the HCMS. In the example above, “id=2” indicates that the tour guide will load the second item in the database, which is the Boeing B-29 description (thanks @Seb for the URL parsing IA).

Visitors can switch between English and Spanish using the variant feature of the HCMS. The “Enter Lookup Numbers” button allows users to access a numeric keypad to manually enter the numbers of other artifacts. In case of incorrect input, the prototype defaults to displaying a generic message (right now only items 1-3 are active).

Intuiface Project Download

Download the Mobile Tour Guide Intuiface project (10MB)

Please give the experience a try on your device. Your feedback is appreciated.



Great illustration of how a complex scenario can be broken down and executed using a highly manageable approach using Intuiface. @tosolini, thanks for demystifying something so intimidating.

The challenge for projects like this is not Intuiface execution, it’s content creation, workflow ideation, and graphic design. Visual and use case creativity is where agencies can shine - and I suspect most agencies feel strongest there. It’s win-win.

@tosolini You’re using the NFC support natively built into the iPhone to read the tag ID, correct? Presumably, similar support on Android should work.

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@geoff That’s correct. I’m using the native NFC support for iPhone to trigger the URL. QR codes may be even easier to manage. Right now the prototype only has three records in the HCMS database, so when you enter a lookup number, only 1-3 are functional.

The experience also supports text-to-speech through device accessibility settings. On iPhone, enable “Speak Screen” in Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content. To hear content read aloud, swipe down from the top with two fingers.

I love seeing our newer features (Player Next Gen & H-CMS) being demonstrated like this, showing the new use cases and opportunities Intuiface can give you access to :slight_smile:

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Exciting stuff… intend to experiment and learn. And start thinking about other applications for NextGen on mobile. Thank you, @tosolini

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