Mixed Reality on IOS.... doable?

Hi All,

I’m considering an upcoming opportunity to use iPads in some locations, where users would engage with content.

For 360 tours I’d look to embed locally or possibly via wifi. I’d also like to use the IOS native camera, and Adobe Aero (MAYBE)…
I’m thinking, is it possible to launch apps like the Camera/Aero from an Intuiface player?
I’ve done this on PC, just not IOS… so it’s a new challenge.

Not sure if this is the best way to add AR, I may also try Vectary embeds, but for me, i’d like to be able to scan the QR and launch the AR behind a transparent window…

Any thoughts are really appreciated.

Ok, some more research, haven’t found a way for native camera loading, so may have to just embed/head down WebAR route it seems.

Share your Augmented Reality Creation (adobe.com)

Code will be like:
< a href=“http://example.com/file.usdz” rel=“ar”>
< img src=“http://example.com/image.jpg”>
< /a>

How to embed AR USDZ files to your e-commerce website for iOS 12 (vectary.com)

We use Vectary, I may just end up doing thgat possibly (if we have internet there).


That’s a good challenge. If I had to combine IF and AR, I’d try the WebAR route by linking directly to a USDZ file, which will trigger the native browser full screen. I’m not sure that it’s possible to make the two apps coexist in iOS using a transparent IF layer on top.

Since you mention QR codes, you may enjoy this exploration about NFC (Near Field Communication) tags + AR.


Paulo, wonderful storytelling as always!
I am a huge fan of NFC’s and they have so much potential for use. You’re on point, I may look to use them for touchpoints (we want users to go around the room and engage with some experiences).

BTW, If you want to move into some educational engagement stuff for kids, check out: CoSpaces Edu for kid-friendly 3D creation and coding
I’m also considering launching this on a Kios as it has an embed option, but also QR.

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