Mirror an image

I’d like to create a reflection of an image below the image. I had planned to bind a second image to the first image and then use the blur property to blur. However, I can only figure out how to rotate the image, but cannot figure out a way to horizontally or vertically “flip” the image. Any ideas or suggestions?

You might need to use something like imagemagick to achieve such desired effect

Hmm. Ok. Not a way to do it within Intuiface then? I guess I can create a duplicate “flipped” photo for each of the primary photo asset. I’m not familiar with imagemagick, but after a quick glance I’m thinking the easiest way to do that is with a batch action in photoshop given that I need to do it for ~2000 photos.

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Hi @hollywd006,

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There is a way to do that with a trick I’ll tag as “ugly trick” :wink:

:warning: Disclaimer:
You can try this and maybe use it to apply a mirror effect when displaying a single image, but I don’t recommend using it in a collection as the trick itself uses a collection too, and having a lot of nested collection may degrade performances.

Long story short, the trick is to use a Carousel Collection. On a this type of collection, as shown below, you can decide to display the back of items.

The twisted way to go for this trick will be:

  • add you image to the scene, standard way, using an Image Asset
  • add a Carousel
  • put 2 items in a Carousel: one will be your image, the other will be a transparent element, like a rectangle shape with a 0 Opacity
  • set the Carousel index on displaying the transparent element, so you see the back of your image, which looks like a mirrored version, uncheck “allow scroll” so it can’t be moved
  • give the Carousel a 180° rotation and set its height and width so it’s similar to the original above

And here is the final effect!

I let you download the sample experience below if you want to dig in.
Community-MirrorImageUglyTrick.zip (2.3 MB)
That’s mostly for educational/demo purpose, don’t forget the disclaimer above :wink:

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Thanks, @Alex. That’s a cool “ugly” trick.

I ended up making this work through the photoshop method above before seeing your response.

I may go back and try the Carousel way later as if I add more images, I wouldn’t have as many steps to get them into the Collection.