miniPC recommendations from experience

I’m reaching out to ask if anyone has had good experiences with any non-Intel NUC miniPCs running 1080p / HD experiences; specifically “resource-light” experiences that could run on a BrightSign Player.
I’ve got some MiniX units that I’m going to test, but I’m hoping that at least a few of you may have used a miniPC that’s in the $500 range with RAM and SSD (and with Win10 Pro would be a bonus). Thanks!

For this budget, this would be my choice. You only need to update Windows to Pro version. This is actually the NUC we were using ourselves on our booth at tradeshows.

If Win Pro is a must have, you also have options like this. Slightly lower CPU, but probably more than capable for what you’re looking for.

I have yet to see a better value than Intel NUCs when it comes to mini computers, but I’ll admit it does require some research to find the right vendor, if / when Amazon isn’t the right one or appropriate for a business purpose.


Excellent! Thank you. This is one that I’ve used in the past and was looking at earlier today, though I’ve been using the Skull Canyon i7s for “heavy lifting” experiences more recently. Didn’t know they had a version with the IST cable, which is preferable over the AC barrel plug. I’d probably upgrade to 16Gb for a single unit application, but since we’ve got to source 17 I’ll stick with 8Gb of RAM. I appreciate your insight as always.