Microsoft Hub 84 inch


I can’t install the Composer or the Player on a Microsoft Hub 84 inch. Are there any difference between Windows 10 on the Hub and Windows 10 on a Surface Pro? Does it really not run on the Hub?


Hi Konrad,

I don’t think the current versions of IntuiFace will run on that device with the default installation of Windows. It’s described as ‘Windows 10 Team’ and is more like the new ‘cloud’ version of Windows, ‘Windows 10 S’ which is limited to Universal Windows Platform apps only. Confirmation is here;

To help preserve the appliance-like nature of the device, Surface Hub only supports installing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and does not support installing classic Win32 apps, services and drivers. Furthermore, only admins have access to install UWP apps.

Maybe a UWP version of the Player could be proposed in the Wishlist?


Our team was considering purchasing one of these, but now we know to wait.


I confirm: Microsoft Surface Hub only supports UWP apps which are, somehow, a beast completely different from Win32/64 apps like the current IntuiFace Player for Windows. Even Win32-to-UWP conversion technologies provided by Microsoft won’t do the job!.
However, we are currently investigating how to port our HTMPL5-based Player technology (supporting IntuiFace Player for Kiosks/Tablets) to UWP. Stay tuned.