Microsoft campus virtual tour: a time & video based user interaction

I’d like to share a portion of a project we did five years ago for Microsoft, called the Lobby of the Future. This segment features a video tour across part of the company campus with time based hotspots that appear in context of the surroundings (I shot the video with a GoPro during Super Bowl Sunday, thus the low traffic).

There are a few techniques to make hotspots appear at specific times. One way is to hardcode a series of Reaches Time triggers as part of the video player. I chose instead to use Excel to list times, hotspot positions, descriptions, etc. and setup a timer that every second checks what hotspots should be made visible and not.

Here is the XP if you’d like to give it a try:

Virtual tour of Microsoft campus demo (220MB)

Disclaimer: Intuiface has evolved since I built this XP, so some of the functions I used may be outdated


I wish I had the time to achieve something like this. Great work Paolo! :sunglasses:

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Thanks Louie! I enjoy your deep innovations with hardware / software too.

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