Memory Game – Possible with Intuiface?



I’m pretty new to Intuiface but have tryed out some functionalities so far. I’m trying to do create a classic memory card game (that card game, in which all of the cards are laid face down and then two cards are flipped in order to get pairs of matching cards).

I tried various things including excel asset as a database for my memory cards, binding, conditional triggers, etc., but I can’t make any progress…

Has anyone some advice, how to create that kind of game? I’m thankful for any help!



Yes, it’s possible. I actually did it two years ago before Intuiface introduced the IF condition, which would make things much simpler. Here is what it looked like. I can’t share the code because I don’t have permission by the client, but it was a painful effort of using Excel formulas. Today I’d probably use a different approach.


Hi tosolini,

Could you share how you did the flip card effect? That is exactly what I need in one of my proyects…



Hi guys!

You might be interested in knowing we just released a memory game sample on the marketplace.
You can get it here or directly from Composer or Player:

This article will explain how to edit the memory game images:


Hi Chloe,

we have a customer who have two games on Omnitapps composer.
But we want that our customer use Intuiface for the games.

Is it possible to creat a highscore?
Befor starting the game, the player must put the name and email adress in a form. After the game must record the points and name from the player in a excel file.
Is this possible? I´m think this is possible but how can i make this.

Thank you and regards


Hi @Edward,

This is totally doable and I think you’ll find the answer in this article explaining how to create forms.
This will let your user type in his/her name and email and you can save “points” or a time retrieved from a Chronometer in the Excel file.