Memory Game customisation


Is there a way to modify the Memory Game to show a pop up after each time a pair of cards are matched?



Hi @martin.collins,

For sure you can make this modification. The current Memory game already plays a bell sound when the cards are matching. You can add here the action to show a pop-up and hide it after a delay.


Thanks Seb, that’s brilliant. :slight_smile:


Seb, last question, is there anyway to make it so the popup could change for a specific matched pair. eg Card-1 matched = Popup-1 etc



To do this, you’d have to modify the JavaScript code of this Interface asset to add parameters to the “CardsMatch” event which is raised.
This has to be done in the _compareSelection method in the MemoryGame.js file and declared in the MemoryGame.ifd description file.

I did this modification for you, you’ll find the files attached: (5.5 KB)

Just replace the current files in your project with these ones and you’ll have a new parameter in the trigger:


Thanks Seb, just got that working, you have saved the day again!