Memory card game gets 'stuck'



Hi everyone!

We have been playing around with the ‘memory card game’ as it’s a nice way for kids to interacts with an otherwise boring museum piece…

Unfortunately, we’ve found an issue where if the memory cards are pressed to quickly, they do not flip back over and so get ‘stuck’ face up and the game can then not be completed. Of course, kids being kids, mashing all the cards as quick;y as possible is exactly what they do!

So we think there may be a problem to do with the timing of the ‘card flip’ animation, whereby perhaps the card is not recognising touches as it’s in an incorrect state…

Does anybody have any ideas on how this might be fixed?

Many thanks,



Hi @daianotherdave,

Thanks for reporting this. We fixed the behavior in the Memory Game, you can download the updated version from the Marketplace.

FYI, we just added the following code in the SelectCard method of the MemoryGame JavaScript file

//if 2 cards are already selected, don't take other ones into account.
if (this._iCardSelected == 2)