"Media" Asset

Hey IF Team!
I was developing an experience, and I was dealing with an unexpectable issue.
Wouldn’t be great if you could add an asset that can display images and videos, without defining if it’s a video or an image. It’s surprisingly odd that we can’t find this kind of asset in 2020.
I know there´s a workaround, but it seems waaaay too much for a simple media display.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Assuming you know about the custom script converter to fix your issue?

  • Yes I want to vote for this idea!
  • No it’s a bad idea :frowning:

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Yes, I do, a group with both and hiding the unwanted.
But it seems too much having “code” just to have this result, especially when we read " Without Coding." at the landing page.


if (INPUT == “.mp4”) “True” else “False”
if (INPUT == “.png”) “True” else “False”

Is this too much? :smile:

For something like that I would imagine it would take the Intuiface development team a lot of time. What you are asking is essentially a global asset that is automatically detected when imported and shown in a collection in Intuiface also I am sure the feature will become more difficult to implement when bound to an XLSX just for the sake of two lines of code.

I would agree with you that something simple should be implemented into Intuiface but look at the bigger picture what other product can you create an interactive experience with such little effort/clicks?



So…There’s a lot of possibles flaws that could happen when limiting video and images by their extensions, we can clearly see this picture happening.

I’m a Designer, Intuiface is a non-code SW, I understand this is a huge statement, I know there are some things that require some scripts, but this kind of asset shouldn’t require a script to read it.

I agree, at the bigger picture no other product can help us create an interactive experience with such little effort, but a product that doesn’t evolve is set to die.



Hey @Ihnder: Big words… Intuiface has evolved a lot over the years and still evolving a lot (i.e. the recent evolutions we just did for better serving the Displax community you’re part of).

I suggest to attend our next Virtual Intuiface User Conference, and in particular on Day 2 - the 23rd of October - to check on our exciting roadmap. Don’t want to disclose too much of it, but can tell that the (generic) Media Asset is in…

And as always, thanks to @Louie_Smith for continuously helping out our Community!