Maximum resolution

Is there a maximum canvas size? A client of ours is looking for something along the lines of 10 touchscreen monitors in portrait orientation.

If technically possible, the hardware requirements are the next challenge. 10800x1920? Not happening via DisplayPort.


Hi Gordon,

There is within composer, But if you edit the IFX file you can go higher but its not recommended.

One thing you may find is the performance may differ alittle.

Do you need to have everyscreen at full res?



I don’t see any way to transmit something like 10800x1920 to the array of screens - SDI??, but highest res as feasible is desired since the content might include text in the form of PDFs. This is so far off, we don’t know what content we’d be displaying.

Windows would have to manage the resolution right? Something like a scaler in the chain is going to cause issues with touch.

From the documentation, it appears windows itself can handle multiple touchscreens behaving as a large canvas and 1 mouse through calibration. Is that the case?

We’ll be testing this once we get some free time, but a colleague is convinced each screen behaves like an additional mouse. We’ll see.


It would also depend on the hardware you have.

you could have x4 Quadro P4000 and a sync card.

The arrange the displays as one canvas. Then create the experience in composer to fit or alternatively split the experience into 2 and have 2 two separate experiences.


Also i might add what touchscreen hardware are you going to be using?

Unknown at this point. The plan is to use what we have in inventory for testing with 4 screens, scale it up, then investigate narrow bezel options as rentals. This would be for a 4 day event.

Hi @gordon_johnson,

I know that some Samsung screens can be used in daisy chain configuration (1 4K output -> 4 Full HD screens), thus using a 3 4K output graphic card would be enough to feed 10 screens.
This + PQLabs-kind of touch overlays would make walls like the ones built by our partner Elecom

Regarding your question about Composer, the limit of a Custom Experience resolution is currently set at 20.000 x 20.000 pixels. Should be enough :slight_smile:


Thanks Seb!


If you want something custom, Take a look at these guys

Look at that PCAP 9x1 Touchwall running at full resolution per screen no scalers needed.

Kind Reagards