Max text charaters

I there anyway to make Restriction for the text container so there is a max number of characters inside text or excel file ??

Its an important option since the design depends on this kind of restriction .



It depends on your scenario but if you want to limit users using your experience to enter long texts you should use the text input asset, it has a max character limit:

If that doesn’t answer your need could you give more input on your scenario?


Hi Chloe

Im so sorry i dont know how i didnt see it before , and its so obvious… Also i found a way in excel to limit user to exceed the max characters

Thanks for your quick Reply

Great :+1:! Happy to see that works for you

I’m going to bring this one up again, because I think it can be helpful in many cases.

If there is a large set of dynamic data from an external source, it would be nice for the text asset to have a character limit, and also a property to add “…” if the character limit is exceeded.

This would allow a ‘summary’ of the data. A classic example of this is if you want to assign people’s names to a set of buttons that will bring up a full record of data, you may only have a limited space available on the buttons. The ability to cut them off would be nice. Currently the closes thing is to ‘extract’ a chunk of text, then bind that to another text item and add “…”, All items in that case will have the “…”, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Hi Alex,

You can already do this with the Custom Script converter as detailed in its Truncate a text if too long usage sample :slight_smile:

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Cool Seb! Yet another little gem I’ve overlooked. Thanks!


The Custom Script converter is so powerful. I just need to learn Javascript now…

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