Matching Game



I am doing a program for a museum were we want visitors to match eight colors on a color palette to one of three Monet paintings. Each painting is very different in color. The goal is to have visitors discover that the paintings share similar palettes.

Is there a way to have a visitor drag a color to a painting and get a visual yes / no response?

I am new to Composer. Does anyone have suggestion for other ways to create a simple matching game?

Thanks, Drew Harty


The short answer is “yes”.

The long answer is that you can use the dragged over or dropped on triggers. You can make a circle with a particular color. A transparent png image file is best. Set the property to “free” but don’t let the user make it bigger or smaller. That causes unnecessary issues. It helps if you can identify the Hex # of the color to get as close as possible to what Monet used (to be historically accurate). When the color is dropped on a painting, then show “yes” or “no”. It’s pretty simple to do. Let me know if you have problems with it.

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May be useful to extract colors from an image and get that particular color: :wink:

… and link to the Drag&Drop triggers Article.


Thanks for your suggestions. The client ended up wanting to go another way: touching the painting to reveal the paint pigments used in the painting.