Match Airtable Basic CMS Capabilities in HCMS

I am in the process of converting a Taphouse XP that is currently utilizing an Airtable base to a HCMS base, and it became somewhat painfully apparent that HCMS lacks some fairly rudimentary capabilities that I have relied upon in Airtable. I understand that most of these have been addressed in the community, but wanted to put it in the perspective of what a competing CMS offers.

  1. Re-order records based upon its number designation. Of particular importance to taphouses is the ability to quickly reassign taps. They change frequently throughout the day. In Airtable, the tap number can be changed and the records automatically reorder. For example as shown in the attached screen shot of my new HCMS base, the Vertical Lift Hazy IPA on Tap 11 needs to move to Tap 7. And the stout that was on Tap 7 is a new craft beer that will be assigned to Tap 11: These changes re-order automatically in Airtable.

  2. More field types that can be edited. I know that Currency is coming; it would also be nice to have valid percentages; auto-numbering, email, phone number, time durations, created and last modified times. In addition to adding the field types, having the ability to edit the field type would save a lot of time by eliminating the current re-work in HCMS. For example: Changing the field type from Text to Number.

  3. Manually re-shuffling records would be really handy to change the order of records displayed in the XP—again saving a lot of rework.

  4. Copy and Paste cells to cut down on the number of keystrokes in building bases.

I know that we can address some of these items with the Export/Import CSV function, but it would be more efficient to be able to perform these functions interactively on the fly within the HCMS itself.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback @shpeterson

As some good news for 2024, I can share that re-ordering items is definitely on the top of the list of priorities for the H-CMS and that we also have new members in our product team that will be dedicated to the improvements of the H-CMS.

While I wish Intuiface had raised as much money and had as many developers as Airtable, to keep things into perspective, the reality is that our team has built Composer, Player Next Gen, Analytics, H-CMS and many other features of the Intuiface platform with roughly 100x less fundings and 20x less employees (source: press releases) :blush:

Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.


Thank you Seb, for putting the competitive landscape into perspective. Wow! Airtable has a lot of funding and resources at its disposal.

I think the effort that Intuiface has put into H-CMS is very impressive, and I believe in its future. What Intuiface has accomplished by building the H-CSM, and providing the CSV Export/Import has moved the product forward substantially. It is good to hear new members will be dedicated to advancing the H-CMS roadmap.

Thank you team, for all that you do!


I am waiting patiently for the reordering feature, the ability to drag and insert like no tomorrow. As the wise man once said, patience is a virtue.