Mapbox and markers

Hello, it is my second day of using Intuiface, and I cannot figure out or find a way to add a marker at a particular long/lat to the Mapbox Map. I could potentially use a static marker, but I’d like the user to be able to zoom the map in and out and that marker staying on the same relational spot.

You could for example use OpenStreetMaps and HTML Frame (Copy the Code from example link, to the HTML Box, change it to your wished position, delete CSS and customize your code)

Hi @papajka,

I suggest you to have a look at our Interactive Maps sample. You’ll see how to display Point Of Interests on the map using a data source (Excel, Web Service, …)


as @Seb says, the Interactive maps sample is great… I used the Concierge Kiosk example, and love that even more, due to the functionality…

All my locations are in the Excel document.

You can add loads more (I have added 360 Panorama views when you click on the map icon, Popup QR codes to buy tickets etc… user location, change map view).

Worthwhile looking at also.

Stick with it, it’s excellent.

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