Map POI selection


I have created a project using Excel data and a Map component to highlight points of interest for specific regions. I also have more information if the user clicks on the map that dynamically gets displayed in a “More Info” section. All is working well, but the client wants the ability for the user to use Next and Back buttons to select the next or previous point of interest, (or the next and previous item in the Excel spreadsheet). When selected, the POI would highlight and the More Info window would display that POI’s data.

If this were an ordered collection component, this would be very easy, but I cannot figure out how to do it with the Map component and POI’s. Any help would be appreciated.



I figured out how to do this and thought I would post in case someone else needs to do this.

Instead of using the Map as the base for the data, I used a Carousel Collection. It now populates the More Info section. I then have have two Global Variables: Lat and Long that the carousel sets whenever an item is moved into focus. Then on the map, I have the POI’s bound to the Lat and Long variables. So now, each time I change a selection in the More Info section, the map centers that POI into view.