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Hi All
A customer asked for af map, and I said no problem we will use MapBox cause it’s a asset in the Composer. But I have never used it before, and I can’t find it anywhere in the composer what to do?

Regards Kasper

Hi @kasper,

To find the Map Collection in Composer, navigate to the collections tab. You should see the Map collection, as shown in the attached screenshot.

From there, you can click or drag the collection onto the scene where you have properties available to play with. It’s worth noting that Mapbox is the default provider. If you need help configuring Mapbox, be sure to refer to this article: Using Mapbox

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OMG thank you Loui that was the only place I didn’t look :rofl:

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Hi Louie
Do you know if it’s possible to make it “activ” on an android device? It works perfect in my Composer but on my Elo touchscreen nothing happens?

Hi @kasper

If you haven’t already,

For this kind of request please can you submit a support ticket to our support team, you can use this link to submit a support ticket .

From there we will be able to assist you with this type of question.

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