Many Hue Lights Few Triggers

Has anyone had and solved an issue with needing to control multiple Hue lights with only 1 or 2 triggers. We have a large object with spotlights, and when we tell 1 spotlight to turn on while 8 spotlights turn off, they do not behave the same way each time. We seem to be confusing the bridge.

Paolo @tosolini, you may have information about this matter, I think you used quite a lot of light bulbs in 1 of your experiences?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I solved my problem for now by stacking the triggers using extra hidden elements (1 for each bulb) and 2 bridges, alternating commands so they don’t get overwhelmed. In other words,

Bridge A turn off spotlight 1
Bridge B turn off spotlight 2
Bridge A turn off spotlight 3
Bridge B turn off spotlight 4

This continues for all 8 bulbs. I know that I can probably create a group through the Hue bridge, but I don’t have the ability to write the code that I would need. For now, this seems to be working, but I would love some further advice.

I’ve an installation with a dozen lights controlled by one bridge, which is now almost 3 years old. I found myself that the bridge can’t handle the simultaneous switch of many lights in Intuiface, like you can do through the Hue app. @Seb replied to one my inquiries about it a while ago.

My workaround has been to stack the commands by delaying them by 1/10th of a second. This gives time to the bridge to catch up. The effect is not immediate, but the lights change in sequence. I don’t know if the new Hue bridge improved performance.