Manipulate numeric keypad position

I have a field for typing a numeric value, but the keyboard opens at the bottom of the page.
For usability reasons I would like to open it next to this field.
I didn’t find it other than textual keyboard manipulation


One way to achieve this would be to put in the “THEN” part in a trigger that the keyboard is moved.

Below is a screenshot of where you can find that property, I hope this helps. If you need more help, let us know.


This did not work.
The keyboard does not move.
The feature says: “Text” input keyboard

I’ve been trying this feature again.
But an error happens and Intuiface breaks.
I sent the bug report.
I can’t use the dynamic X and Y properties for the keyboard to track the position of another element.

This now worked.
But I can no longer move it manually, even with the “Alow move” property enabled.

I think the best thing is to create your own keyboard inside a group using the key press action. Then you can move and resize to what ever you like.

But this is a bug!

Hi Jhoni,

Before calling a bug or opening a thread on Whishlist or for a request (although it might be a good reason sometimes), I strongly recommend you to search our Help Center, read dedicated articles, check properties and actions etc. Long story short, do your homework :slight_smile:

Now, to get back to your initial topic …

  1. Text Input is explained here

As written in this article:

To configure the keyboard’s appearance for the entire experience, across all scenes, use the “Text input keyboard” Action category located in the Experience property panel (selected by left-clicking the overall experience in the Scene Structure panel). Setting the properties here, will affect the keyboard across all scenes of your experience.

  1. “Move To” action is explained here
  2. Triggers and actions are explained here

Combine 1. 2. and 3. and you’ll get what you need I guess :wink:



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When a property doesn’t do what it says, that is a bug to me.
It gets complicated for me to search the whole Intuiface base for such obvious things, when your knowledge can speed up the whole process.
If you can tell me where the documentation says the opposite of what the property claims to do, I appreciate it. Post the link here.

What about this bug that crashes the entire application?

Hi, Thank you for reporting this bug to us! The crash condition you have encountered will be fixed in one of our next release of Intuiface.