Making a custom splash screen for the Player loading screen


I’ve followed the instructions on the Knowledge Base, but I’m still getting the purple and black “Loading Player” splash screen with the three dots. Can anyone who has successfully done this please describe the process. Many thanks!


Hi @cullenb,

As you said, the process is fully documented in this article. If you strictly followed it and still have an issue, I suggest you to start a discussion with our support team.




I’ve found this article explaining why ProgramData can be hidden in Windows 10 and how to reveal it:

There wasn’t a ProgramData folder in my directories, so I had incorrectly assumed Program Files would do since the directory structure was so similar. I now know better for the next experience I create. Thanks for the quick reply.


Are you creating a custom splash screen for a normal player or a white label player. I think you can create a custom splash for only white players.


White label.


Hi @cullenb,

This is a pretty old discussion that you are reviving here. Do you still have questions about white label players and custom splash screen?



Nope, just recently saw I hadn’t replied to Melvyn.