Make a Simple Music Player in 15 minutes!

Hi Intuifacers,

I’m sharing an experience that shows how to quickly make a simple music player.

The structure is pretty light:

In the Intuiface Experience, we have:

When the Experience starts, first track is played, you are able to Play/Pause, go Next/Previous, and as we are using a Carousel for sequencing, they will cycle and after the last track, it will “automagically” move the first one.

Here is the Experience, enjoy the music! :slight_smile: :musical_score: (6.0 MB)


Wow! is this how you made this one?

Oh no, this old one was a loooot more complex and using Google Youtube API (to get the sound/video) + API (to search Artist/Albums/Tracks).

Unfortunately, as these API evolved (with quota limits, advertisement etc), I had to dump this personal project.

But I’ll be back, my dream is to have a version fully based on Spotify :wink:


Super job Alex. I love it!


I had no idea the audio asset could play links/stream audio! This is something I’ve really needed for a long time lol. For some reason I thought it would only play local files…

Thanks so much for sharing this, I’m going to download and save this IMMEDIATELY. Nice job!