Make a Simple Music Player in 15 minutes!

Hi Intuifacers,

I’m sharing an experience that shows how to quickly make a simple music player.

The structure is pretty light:

In the Intuiface Experience, we have:

When the Experience starts, first track is played, you are able to Play/Pause, go Next/Previous, and as we are using a Carousel for sequencing, they will cycle and after the last track, it will “automagically” move the first one.

Here is the Experience, enjoy the music! :slight_smile: :musical_score: (6.0 MB)


Wow! is this how you made this one?

Oh no, this old one was a loooot more complex and using Google Youtube API (to get the sound/video) + API (to search Artist/Albums/Tracks).

Unfortunately, as these API evolved (with quota limits, advertisement etc), I had to dump this personal project.

But I’ll be back, my dream is to have a version fully based on Spotify :wink:


Super job Alex. I love it!


I had no idea the audio asset could play links/stream audio! This is something I’ve really needed for a long time lol. For some reason I thought it would only play local files…

Thanks so much for sharing this, I’m going to download and save this IMMEDIATELY. Nice job!


Any update on that Spotify integration? I tried using IFTTT but its not working.

You could have a go at integrating the Rest API for Spotify in the API explorer?

I confirm Spotify API can be integrated in Intuiface using API Explorer, unfortunately, it “only” allows to make search and find data about artists, albums and tracks but the main purpose, i-e play music is not simply available.

Sometime, Spotify provides a 30sec audio sample, and not for all tracks, even with a Premium Account :confused:

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I’ve seen something on which you can embed an Iframe from Spotify this can be a play list or from an artist, this could be one solution?

Actually, that’s exactly what I did in my test XP :wink:
But even there, you will only get 30sec sample, unless you want user to authentify in the HTML Frame Asset or Web Browser Asset.

Okay upon some more digging Deezer according to the documentation should allow what we want? Here’s what it can apparently do:

The Deezer API allows developers to:

  • Discover over 30 million tracks
  • Create playlists
  • Share favorite songs

Search songs by:

  • Album
  • Genre
  • Artist
  • and other details

So it’s got to be with a shot?

Be my guest and tell us what you found :wink:

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