Major change to the Map Collection

If you are using the Open Street Map option of the Map Collection in any of your IntuiFace experiences, read on!

Our current Open Street Map provider- MapQuest - is discontinuing its service on July 11 as detailed here. This news came at short notice (not nice!) and took us by surprise…

As a result of the MapQuest decision, and after carefully reviewing existing options on the market, we will be migrating to a new Open Street Map provider, Mapbox. This change appears in IntuiFace Version 5.5.2, shipped today.

If any of your IntuiFace experiences use the Open Street Map option of the Map Collection, you must upgrade both Composer and Player to Version 5.5.2 before July 11! If not, your maps will cease to work. If you do then everything will work as intended; you do not need to change anything about the experiences themselves.

Unlike MapQuest, Mapbox limits the number of map views available for the default account shipped with IntuiFace. As a result, IntuiFace will discontinue that default account on 5-August. You have until that date to create your own Mapbox account and get your own access token. (Mapbox offers both free and paid plans.) After 5-August, the Mapbox option of the Map Collection will require entry of your personal access token and a resave/redeploy of experiences using this option. See this article for more details.

On a positive note, Mapbox offers a much more “modern” map design than MapQuest. You will even be able to create personalized map styles. We believe, in the end, you will like the change.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


The IntuiFace Team.

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Here are some examples of different map styles you can use:

Here are a couple of predefined style URLs but you can also build your own:

  • mapbox://styles/mapbox/dark-v9
  • mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9
  • mapbox://styles/mapbox/outdoors-v9
  • mapbox://styles/mapbox/light-v9
  • mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-v9
  • mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-streets-v9
  • mapbox.mapbox-terrain-v2
  • mapbox.mapbox-streets-v7

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