Mailto: links

Looking for suggestions …

How do you handle mailto links inside the browser asset?
Local SMTP server?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @erichpeters,

You can use the link is clicked trigger of the Web Browser asset to retrieve the email address within this mailto link, using a Text Manipulation converter.
Then you can send an email to this address using the Share via email (hosted or configurable)


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Thank you, that made sense and I can pop the mail to address into the email asset, so that was easy. But I still have a MSWindows pop up prompting for a local email application/.account occuring when the mailto link is clicked. How can I make that not occur? Or is that a MSWindows thing?

Thank you in advance.


That’s indeed an MS behavior.

I did a quick search and it seems you can avoid this by associating an app that doesn’t know what to do with a mailto link with this protocol.
In Windows 10, this is done in the Choose default apps by protocol settings panel.

Ah, yes. I did that as well, and while that changes the particular application opening, it does not stop the “opening” behavior. It’s like we need a way of not passing the HTML link but still allow Intuiface to process it’s actions on the mailto link. I will investigate that course unless you have any other ideas?


Sorry, I don’t have any other idea at the moment.