Machine memory

Would anyone happen to know what i am best animating with, as i am using animated gifs on a project upto now but if there ends up being a few hundred the machine will definatelly slow the performance down.

Is there some other type of image i should use to enable intuiface to be less harsh on memory.
For example PNG and animate via software

whats the biggest memory consumers FLASH, HTML5 , GIF?

Hi @itslouiegordon,

It really depends on the animation you are looking for. You can look at this thread: Scripting question where we went over several options around a specific use case.

Can you tell us more about the animation you are trying to create?


i just wanted to know if i use html canvas animation it slows down , does that use more memory then a flash swf, and a gif which is best for memory performace

A gif animation will be good up to a certain resolution. For example, that didn’t fit the video wall case I mentioned in my previous post.
I still don’t really know the kind of animation you are looking to create :slight_smile: