Lucky Draw Scrolling


Hi Guys,

I am trying to creating a Lucky Draw for an event. I made use of the interface asset “Random Number Generator” to scroll to a random number in the excel spreadsheet which was showcase in Carousell. But using this simple method, it will just spin to that random number directly.

Is there a way to let it scroll in one direction and using a longer period which eventually slow down to a random slot in the excel spreadsheet?

It will really make it like a Lucky Draw Machine.

Any assistance rendered will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


Hi @yan_guorong,

I suggest you to have a look at these 2 gaming samples in our Marketplace: Wheel of Fortune and Slot machine. You’ll see how we fake several rotations of the collection before selecting the random item.



Hi Seb,

Thank you for your reply.

I had a look at the samples you had mentioned. The Slot machine was the closest example the marketplace to the lucky draw game I’m building. It uses a random number generator to generate a number which the trigger action scroll to in the carousel will scroll to the number in the excel spreadsheet. But I had tried several method to let it scroll longer before scrolling to that random number.

Can you kindly advise?

Thank you,


Hi Gan,

With the carousel, you can’t change the timing of the scroll to action, thus even if you put a large number of items, it will always take 1 second to go from the original index in focus to the one you select.

You can have a look at this other sample: Grocery Promotion. This one embeds a game that uses a large Asset Grid and scroll to an index. It’s a bit more complex but should correspond better to your need.



Hi Seb,

Thank you for your help on this matter.

Best Regards,